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TGN servomotors

AC synchronous servomotors have a three-phase distributed stator windings and permanent magnets on the rotor. The winding is designed for sinusoidal current and voltage. A thin layer of magnets (neodymium / iron / boron) is located on the surface of the rotor shaft, which causes a small inertia torque of motor. Higher torque, then higher power of the TGN motor range is achieved by improving escape of heat from the stator to the front flange and by optimized magnetic circuit. Shortening of stator plates and segmented stator windings with higher density of magnetic field allows shortening of the motor length. These advantages increase the ratio of torque to the dimensions of motor and expand usage of the motors to other applications.


TGN motors are available in 8 sizes: TGS1, TGN2, TGMA, TGN3, TGN4, TGN5, TGN6 and TGN7 (torque range 0,1 – 60 Nm).


Servomotors TGS1 and TGN2 series have 6 poles, the TGN3-TGN7 series have 10 poles. Optimal applications for these motors are operations requiring extremely low and steady speeds as well as small dimensions.

Likewise both TGT or TGH motors can be TGN servomotors fitted with different feedback types. The standard sensor for common applications is the  resolver. For very precise applications the encoders with EnDat or Hiperface interface are the most appropriate. The Comcoder could be mounted as well.

TGN servomotors are produced for different voltage of DC circuit (36 V, 320 V, 560 V) and different rated motor speeds (500; 1,000; 1,500; 2,000; 3,000; 4,500 rpm). The tables are listed with a rated motor speed of 3,000 rpm (except some versions with types – TGN2 and TGN3) and voltage 36 V, 320 V and 560 V. Upon a request we provide technical characteristics of motors designed for other voltage or other speeds.

Servodrives with one integrated connector

One connector and one cable – we introduce next technology step in our range of servodrives.

The information about the position is transmitted by means of the fast digital communication between the feedback sensor and servoamplifier. The data wires are integrated to the power cable. Decreasing of the space and price could be achieved.

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