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TGH servomotors

In order to satisfy the growing need for smaller servomotors and their low speed operation we have developed a new series of servomotors “Segment servomotors TGH”. The name “Segment servomotors” is derived from the design of the stator. While standard servomotor winding is inserted to the completed stator, the segment ser-vomotors have phases wound around the segments. The stator is completed from the segments. The segment composition of the stator pack allows every segment (pole-phase) of winding to be reeled up separately. This allows denser winding resulting in a higher density magnetic field generated by the stator. In addition the end turns are shorter. Both the increasing of winding filling and the shortening of end turns effects the total shortening of the pack by 40-50%. The servomotor series TGH is 20-30% shorter in total length compared to the TGT servomotors with the same torque.


We offer servomotors TGH0, TGH2, TGH3, TGH4 and TGH5 size with torque a range of 0,03 – 25 Nm.


Segment motors TGH0 and TGH2 series have 6 poles, the TGH3-TGH5 series have 10-poles.

Optimal applications for these motors are operations requiring extremely low and steady speeds as well as small dimensions.

Likewise both TGT motors and TGH servomotors can be fitted with different feedback types. The standard sensor for common applications is the resolver. For very precise applications the encoders with EnDat or Hiperface interface are the most appropriate. The Comcoder could be mounted as well. See the description on page 2.

Like TGT motors the windings on TGH motors can be calculated to suit specific applications.

Servodrives with one integrated connector

One connector and one cable – we introduce next technology step in our range of servodrives.

The information about the position is transmitted by means of the fast digital communication between the feedback sensor and servoamplifier. The data wires are integrated to the power cable. Decreasing of the space and price could be achieved.

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