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Planetary gearboxes

Features of planetary gearboxes:

  • planetary gears offer the advantage of very high power transmission capabilities per unit volume of space and weight
  • low backlash facilitates the need for precise positioning in automation applications
  • gearboxes perform the important functions of reducing speed and multiplying torque
  • inertia ratio of load and motor can be matched to enable servomotors to operate with high dynamics of the drive
  • low backlash also reduces shock loads in dynamic reversing applications.
  • planetary gearboxes have high mechanical efficiency.
  • maintenance free

SG series
SG precision planetary gearboxes are suitable for applications that require mechanical resistance and economy solution. Advantage is wide ratio range, which is 3 - 512. Backlash range 6 - 22 arcmin (depends on size and ratio). They are available also in solution for low temperatures, with reduced backlash or with output flange.

MRP series
Economy gearbox series with ratios 3 – 100, maximum backlash 10 arcmin (1-stage) or 8 - 12 arcmin (2-stages). Lubricant is a long life grease.

MNT series
Standard gearboxes with higher torsional stiffness, ratios 3 – 100, maximum backlash 1 - 8 arcmin. The best temperature characteristics are determined by steel frame and oil lubrication.

BDB series
Heavy duty gearboxes with output flange that are characterized by high torsional stiffness, low backlash (1 - 5 arcmin) and high gear ratios (4 - 220).

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