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TG Motion

is universal PC based control system.The system includes single axis, multiaxis and CNC motion functions like:

  • Point to point positioning,
  • Electronic gearing and electronic,
  • Cam shaft,
  • CNC interpolator,
  • Indexing.

User can create motion consists of the functions and can control mechanisms like robots, manipulators, CNC machines, packaging machines, assembly machines.

PC communicates with remote I/O and servo-controllers via EtherCat or CAN BUS-PCI Card.

Counting algorithms are realized in Real Time process which can work together with OS Windows XP Professional or XP-Embedded. Accuracy of the Real Time Process is in microseconds.

Users can use all drivers, libraries and connections working under OS Windows.

Thanks to continual development of the personal computers user of the control system TGmotion has ensured hardware development free of charge.

TG Monitor is the tool for testing user’s programs, monitoring parameters and creating CAM profi les.

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