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Asem PCs

TG drives offer a wide range of highly reliable industrial PCs and panels designed and manufactured especially to work in harsh working conditions and industrial enviroments. Other advantage of these industrial PCs, compared to other PC manufacturers, is very long availability of spare parts and possible service.

Below you can find description of each series.


HT series

HT is the newest series of industrial PCs, which is produced in several performance versions (from HT700 up to HT5000) and from 6,5" up to 24" screen size. This new series of industrial PCs is characterized mainly by high performance, using the latest components and support for multiple types of operating systems.


VK series

VK3200 is a new type of industrial arm mounting PCs. The construction of whole panel enables easy mounting and installation of cables. PCs of VK3200 are available in several sizes – from 15,6" up to 21,5" with HD or Full HD screen resolution. The big advantage of VK series is IP65 whole panel protection degree, that is why it is possible to use it in every field of industry.


OT series

OT is the older series of industrial PCs. They are available in several types and configurations. OT series is available in sizes from 6,5" up to 19" LCDs.




VPK300 is an economy variant of industrial PC. This type has thermoplastic chassis with VESA mounting and is available in two hardware configurations.




Besides classic industrial PCs is possible to buy also PC Box only (without LCD monitor) – PB2000, PB2200, PB3000, PB5000. Parameters of PC Box according to HT series.


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