TG Motion  version 421 - 4033/904 cnc 121
Real-time system for controlling servo drives and I/O modules

Describes one general module. More...

#include <TGM.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t VendorID
 Vendor ID from .INI file for Universal I/O device.
uint32_t ProductID
 Product ID from .INI file.
uint32_t TX_PDO
 Master->Slave PDO index from .INI file (numbers in range 0x1600 - 0x17FF)
uint32_t RX_PDO
 Slave->Master PDO index from .INI file (numbers in range 0x1A00 - 0x1BFF)
uint32_t SetECATBusPosition
 desired physical position on the bus
int32_t EtherCATState
 I/O unit communication status from EtherCAT point of view.
struct SDO Sdo
 SDO communicating channel.
int32_t sdoResponseTries
 unsuccessful SDO request counter from PLC
ECAT_REGISTER ecatRegister
 ECAT register communication channel.
uint32_t ECATBusPosition
 actual physical position on the ECAT bus
uint32_t IReserve [108]
uint32_t User_PDO_Output_Size
 size of the output PDO (Master->Slave)
uint8_t User_PDO_Output [USER_DIO_PDO_SIZE]
 output PDO as a flat array
uint32_t User_PDO_Input_Size
 size of the input PDO (Slave->Master)
uint8_t User_PDO_Input [USER_DIO_PDO_SIZE]
 input PDO as a flat array

Detailed Description

Describes one general module.

Structure size is 1024 bytes. All the information is read from device EEPROM.

Definition at line 1006 of file TGM.h.

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