TG Motion  version 421 - 4033/904 cnc 121
Real-time system for controlling servo drives and I/O modules
SERVO Struct Reference

Describes one servo drive (or axis) More...

#include <TGM.h>

Public Attributes

int32_t Number
 Logical servo number.
int32_t Node
 Communication node number.
int32_t Axis
 Axis number ( valid for multiaxis servodrives )
int32_t Type
 Servo type.
uint32_t Resolution
 Motor resolution [ inc/rev ].
int32_t SerialNumber
 Serial number of servo drives.
volatile int32_t Control
volatile int32_t Status
 Servo status -1 = communications fault, 0 = no response, 1 = fault, 2 - ready disable, 3 - ready enable.
int32_t Mode
 Servo modes.
int32_t Error
 Fault code.
int32_t EtherCATState
 State of communications on the ETHERCAT.
int32_t DigitalIn
 State of servo digital inputs.
int32_t DigitalOut
 State of servo digital outputs, writing causes setting servo digital outputs.
int32_t TorqueFeedForward
 Torque feed forward scaling is 0.001 of rated torque.
int32_t ControlWord
 copy of CAN control word
int32_t StatusWord
 copy of CAN status word
int32_t SysTimeDifference
 last known difference between local time and reference time in ns
struct ECAT_REGISTER ecatRegister
 ECAT register communication channel.
uint32_t ECATBusPosition
 found physical position on the bus
int32_t IReserve [94]
double WritePosition
 Wanted servo position [ inc ] RW.
double Position
 Actual position reading from the servo [ inc ] R.
double RefPosition
 Actual shift position from the servo [ inc ] R.
double ExtPosition
 Actual external position reading from the servo [ inc ] R.
double Offset
 Shift of the position [ inc ] W.
double Correction
 Correction of position [ inc ] W.
double PositionError
 Actual position error [ inc ] R.
double WriteSpeed
 Actual speed writing to servo [ inc/s ] R.
double Speed
 Actual speed reading from the servo [ inc/s ] R.
double LimitCurrent
 Drive current limitation [ inc ] - depends on servo type W.
double Current
 Actual drive current [ inc ] - depends on servo type R.
double MaxCurrent
 Max. drive current [ mA ] - depends on servo type R.
double AnalogIn
 Actual value from analog input [ inc ] - depends on servo type R.
double WriteAcc
 Actual acceleration writing to servo [ inc/s2 ] R.
double AccMaxTorqueFeedForward
 Acceleration for max feedforward [ inc/s2 ] W.
double TransformedPosition
 Value to be copied to WritePosition in case of Mode == 9 (MODE_USER)
double DReserve [88]
struct PG Pg
 Profile generator.
struct SDO Sdo
 SDO communication object.
struct GEAR Gear
 Gear generator.
struct MAP_CNC Cnc
 Mapping of interpolator axis to servo.
struct CAPTURE Capture
 Capture control.
struct COMMAND Command
 Interface which simplifies Profile and Gear generator settings.

Detailed Description

Describes one servo drive (or axis)

Structure size is 2048 bytes

Definition at line 782 of file TGM.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Control

volatile int32_t SERVO::Control

Servo control

bit number description
0 reset fault,
1 disable torque,
2 reset ETHERCAT Communication,
3 automatic calculate of torque feed forward on/off
30 clear bit 4 of CAN SERVO::ControlWord (clear new setpoint) (DCM servo type only)
31 set bit 4 of CAN SERVO::ControlWord (set new setpoint) (DCM servo type only)

Definition at line 790 of file TGM.h.

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