TG Motion  version 421 - 4033/904 cnc 121
Real-time system for controlling servo drives and I/O modules
OSC Struct Reference

Oscilloscope control. More...

#include <TGM.h>

Public Attributes

volatile int32_t Control
 Oscilloscope control W.
volatile int32_t Status
 Oscilloscope status R.
uint32_t Number_Periods
 Number of periods for one sample W.
uint32_t Number_Chanels
 Number of channels [ 1 - 32 ] W.
uint32_t Memory_Type_Trigger
 Type memory of trigger value W.
uint32_t Offset_Trigger
 Offset off trigger value [ byte ] W.
uint32_t Mode_Trigger
 Trigger mode 0 = off 1 = rising edge 2 = falling edge W.
uint32_t Type_Trigger
 Type of trigger value 0 - 3 = int32_t, 4 - 9 = double W.
double Level_Trigger
 Trigger level W.
 all the channels
uint32_t Number_Samples
 Number of samples per channel R.
uint32_t Actual_Samples
 Actual number of samples per chanel R.
uint32_t Sample_Time
 Actual time of one sample [ mikrosec ] R.
uint32_t Dummy

Detailed Description

Oscilloscope control.

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