TG Motion  version 421 - 4033/904 cnc 121
Real-time system for controlling servo drives and I/O modules
INTERPOLATOR Struct Reference

Interface to interpolator. More...

#include <TGM.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t Number
 interpolator number
uint32_t Number_Axes
 number of axes used for interpolation (2-10)
uint32_t Bufer_Size
 size of the command buffer in items
 command to interpolator
int32_t Command_Parametr [12]
 parameters depending on INTERPOLATOR::Command value
int32_t Command_Status
volatile int32_t Status
volatile int32_t Act_Part
 index of the actual part of the G code
uint32_t Adrress_External_Position
 offset of TGM_Data address, where external sensor position is saved
volatile int32_t M_Func
int32_t Act_GFunc
 actual G function number
int32_t Act_MFunc
 actual M function number
int32_t Last_ContMFunc
 last continuos M function number (M > 1000)
int32_t Run_Flag
int32_t Tool_Number
 actual tool number, read only
 continuous M funcs history
uint32_t editorLine
 actual editor line
uint32_t fileIdx
 actual file index
uint32_t correction
 actual tool compensation (41 - left, 42 - right, any other value - off)
int32_t IReserve [65 -(sizeof(CONT_MFUNC_HISTORY)/sizeof(int32_t))]
double Orig_Position [_N_INTERPOLATOR_AXES]
 direct position from interpolator
double Position [_N_INTERPOLATOR_AXES]
 filtered position (IIR and/or Spline filtration)
double PositionInc [_N_INTERPOLATOR_AXES]
 Position multiplied by INTERPOLATOR::Ratio.
double Backlash [_N_INTERPOLATOR_AXES]
 actual backlash value for each axis
double Offset [_N_INTERPOLATOR_AXES]
 offset values added to INTERPOLATOR::PositionInc
 actual speed of each axis after IIR and Spline calculations
 conversion ratio (multiplier) from mm to increments
double M_Funkce_Parametr [26]
 Parameters of the actual M functions. Some of the letters are reserved (G, M, N, P).
double M_Func_Params_Reserved [6]
double Rel_Speed
 Realive speed of the movement, 0.01 - 2.0 (i.e 1 - 200 %)
double Set_Speed
 wanted speed from the G-code
double Act_Speed
 actual speed
double Move_Distance
 actual total distance
double DReserve [32+70]
uint32_t LookAheadBufferValidStart
 the first valid antry in INTERPOLATOR::LookAheadBuffer array, wraps around _MAX_LOOKHEAD_BUFFER_SIZE
uint32_t LookAheadBufferValidEnd
 the last valid entry in INTERPOLATOR::LookAheadBuffer array
 G-code parts to follow. The first entry in this table is always the actual G-code part.

Detailed Description

Interface to interpolator.

Buffer_Size is specified in TgMotion.ini file, entry Interpolator[].Buffer_Size, e.g. Interpolator[0].Buffer_Size=2000

Definition at line 1201 of file TGM.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Command_Status

int32_t INTERPOLATOR::Command_Status

actual status of command

value description
0 previous command was executed successfully and next command can be activated
1 actual command is being performed
-1 error occurred during the command execution

Definition at line 1208 of file TGM.h.

◆ Status

volatile int32_t INTERPOLATOR::Status

actual status of the interpolator

value description
1 movement on trajectory is under way
3 stop at the trajectory end
4 at least one part of the trajectory is in the buffer, start may be called
6 stopping on emergency ramp
7 interpolator stopped after emergency stop
8 interpolator was stopped during the buffer filling

Definition at line 1216 of file TGM.h.

◆ M_Func

volatile int32_t INTERPOLATOR::M_Func

value of M-function; if M < 1000 the interpolator stops and waits until the value reaches zero; it then continues with a next segment; if M > 1000, execution of the G-code continues

Definition at line 1229 of file TGM.h.

◆ Run_Flag

int32_t INTERPOLATOR::Run_Flag

additional running status

lower 16 bits indicate the status of the actual part:

value description
0 STOP (interpolator is inactive)
1 RUN (normal G-instruction is being executed)
2 WAIT_WINDOW (for turning)
3 WAIT_PULSE (for turning)
4 WAIT_MFUNC (M-function execution started
5 WAIT_MFUNC_WAIT_FOR_END (waiting for M-function termination)

upper 16 bits for the speed progress status:

value description
1 no movement
2 acceleration
3 required movement speed has been reached
4 deceleration
5 next speed segment
6 deceleration on the last segment
7 deceleration on emergency ramp

Definition at line 1235 of file TGM.h.

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