TG Motion  version 421 - 4033/904 cnc 121
Real-time system for controlling servo drives and I/O modules
GEAR Struct Reference

Gear generator. More...

#include <TGM.h>

Public Attributes

double Position
 Output position for linear gearinig or pointer to CAM for cam gearing [ inc ].
double CamPosition
 Output position for cam gearing [ inc ].
double Offset
 Offset of output position [ inc ].
double Shift
 Desired shift of pointer to cam [ inc ].
double ActualShift
 Actual shift of pointer to cam [ inc ].
double IncShift
 Increment of shift pointer to cam [ inc / servotick ].
double IncIn
 Increment of ramp Gear.ActualIn [ inc / servotick ].
double CamIncPosition
 Increment of position incremental cam [ inc ].
double CamScale
 Scaling faktor of cam profile.
double DReserve [8]
int32_t SourceNumber
 Number of logical servo used for source of master position.
int32_t SourcePosition
 Type of master position 1 = WritePosition, 2 = Position, 3 = servotick, 4 = ExtPosition.
int32_t Mode
 Gear generator modes 0 = gear generator off, 1 = linear gearing is active, 2 = cam gearinig is active.
int32_t In
 Numerator of gear ratio.
int32_t Out
 Denominator of gear ratio.
int32_t ActualIn
 Actual value of numerator gear ratio.
int32_t CamLine
 Offset in bytes to first data of cam profile in CAM_PROFILE_MEMORY or DATA_MEMORY.
int32_t CamLen
 Number dat of cam profile.
int32_t CamType
 Type of cam 0 = reversable cam, 1 = forward cam.
int32_t CamTab
 Location of cam profile 0 = cam profile is in CAM_PROFILE_MEMORY, 0 = cam profile is in DATA_MEMORY.
int32_t CamExpControl
 Control of external cam data bit0 = 1 - external cam data 1 active, bit1 = 1 - external cam data 2 active,.
int32_t CamExpLine1
 Offset in byte to first data of external cam 1 in CAM_PROFILE_MEMORY or DATA_MEMORY.
int32_t CamExpLine2
 Offset in byte to first data of external cam 2 in CAM_PROFILE_MEMORY or DATA_MEMORY.
int32_t CamExpAddress1
 Offset in bytes to output value of external cam 1.
int32_t CamExpAddress2
 Offset in bytes to output value of external cam 2.
int32_t IReserve [15]

Detailed Description

Gear generator.

Definition at line 621 of file TGM.h.

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