TG Motion  version 421 - 4033/904 cnc 121
Real-time system for controlling servo drives and I/O modules
EXT_SDO Struct Reference

Exteded SDO object communication (GENERAL_DEVICES only) More...

#include <TGM.h>

Public Attributes

volatile EXT_SDO_CONTROL Control
 Control of SDO communication 1 = write request, 2 = read request.
volatile EXT_SDO_STATUS Status
 Status of SDO communication 0 = finished, 1 = active, -1 = error.
int32_t NumberByte
 Number of read/write bytes (1 - 128)
int32_t Index
 Index of SDO object.
int32_t SubIndex
 SubIndex of SDO object.
uint32_t Data [32]
 complete SDO data or error code in Data[0] if EXT_SDO::Status is -1

Detailed Description

Exteded SDO object communication (GENERAL_DEVICES only)

Definition at line 732 of file TGM.h.

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