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TGQ torque motors

Torque motors (also "direct" or "ring motors") of TGQ series are characterized by high torque, large number of poles, big diameter and small width.

TGQ servomotors are offered as built-in version (stator, rotor separately) as standard, also we can offer complete version including flanges, brake and feedback sensor. TGQ torque motors can be designed with hollow shaft as well.

TGQ motors are available in seven sizes: TGQ1 – TGQ7.


TGQ torque motors are designed for direct installation into the machines with requirements of precision, dynamics and rigidity. Application of TGQ torque motors reduce the need of using or even completely replace other mechanical gears in machines.


The flexible design of servomotors allows different feedback sensor mounting. The most frequent types are:

HIPERFACE is a high resolution encoder with a data channel. The absolute position is sent through a fast serial interface. The sinus – cosine shape of the incremental signals (1Vpp) provides highly accurate positioning (100.000 increments per revolution). The sensor could be single-turn or multi-turn (4096 turns).

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