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TGZ digital servo amplifiers bring a new concept of digital servo amplifiers for multi-axis applications. TGZ include features of modern digital control, simple default functions that user can call in his own program, connection to fast digital communication interfaces, connection of modern digital feedback sensors, low dissipation of power components and unique cooling system.

TGZ represent an economy, but a high-quality solution for controlling servomotors. Digital servo amplifier TGZ-48 is the low voltage version up to 48 VDC suitable e.g. for mobile devices or devices require safe voltage.

They are currently available in two versions: TGZ-48-13/26 (2x 13 A version) and TGZ-48-50/100 (2x 50 A version). Please see the main parameters of both versions in table below.

Technical data of TGZ-48

Parameters TGZ-D-48-13/26TGZ-D-48-50/100
Control voltage 24 V DC ± 10%
Power supply 6-48 V DC
Installed power for S1 operation 2x 500 W2x 2400 W
Rated output current - 1 axis 13 A50 A
Total output current - 2 axis 26 A100 A
Maximum output current (max. 5 s) 2x 26 A2x 100 A
Losses at rated load 20 W50 W
Construction data
Dimensions (H x W x D)160×47×83 mm160×51×200 mm
Weight0,6 kg1,6 kg
Dimensions with additional cooler (H x W x D) 160×66×83 mm160×71×200 mm
Weight0,8 kg2,3 kg
Ambient temperature 0–40°C
Relative humidity max. 85% (no condensation)


TGZ-48 servo amplifiers are equipped with three communication channels:

  • Ethernet 100/1000 Mb/s with UDP protocol, dedicated for parameters download, monitoring, testing but also for on-line control
  • CAN BUS protocol can be modified according to customer request
  • Ethernet 100/1000 Mb/s with selectable protocol, programmed in gate array and dedicated for connecting fast industrial interfaces for the real-time controlling. This interface is currently equipped
    with EtherCat protocol; based on customer request it can be modified also to another type of protocol.

Inputs, outputs

TGZ-48 servo amplifiers have implemented:

  • 2 analog inputs
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 6 digital outputs


TGZ-48 digital servo amplifiers support the following types of feedbacks:

  • Hiperface DSL – digital communication, sensors are manufactured with a resolution of 17 to 23 bits per turn, multi-turn version – 4096 turns. This is used on motors with one connector or cable.
  • EnDat 2.2 – digital communication, sensors are manufactured with a resolution of 18 to 25 bits per turn, multi-turn version (4096 turns).
  • SSI – encoders with synchronous serial interface.
  • BISS - encoders with BISS-C protocol.
  • Hall effect sensors


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