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Power supply module TGS-320

TGS-320-10/15 module is an optional device for TGZ-320 servo amplifiers. This device enables to convert the input voltage 1x 230 V AC (50-60 Hz) to the power supply voltage 320 V DC of TGZ-320 servo amplifier. One module TGS-320 can power several TGZ-320 digital servo amplifiers at the same time, their final number depends on configuration of the individual drives.

Technical data of TGS-320

Parameters TGS-320-10/15
Input voltage (VAC - 50/60 Hz) 1x 230 V AC
Maximum input current (AC) 16 A
Output voltage (DC) 320 V DC
Maximum continuous output current (DC) 10 A
Maximum peak output current (DC, 1s) 15 A
Maximum output power 3200 W
Maximum brake power - internal resistor 100 W
Maximum brake power - external resistor 3200 W
Loss at maximum output power 80 W
Fusing 16 A
Digital output Ready (open collector) Max. 30 V / 2 A
Digital output Temp Error (open collector) Max. 30 V / 2 A
Construction data
Dimensions (H x W x D) 160×62×135 mm
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions with additional cooler (V x Š x H) 160×80×135 mm
Weight1,2 kg
Ambient temperature 0–40 °C
Relative humidity max. 85% (no condensation)

Device description



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