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2-axis digital servo amplifiers TGZ

  • High precision and dynamics of servomotors control
  • 2-channel STO ENABLE input
  • Digital control via EtherCat, CANbus and Ethernet UDP, possibility of user programming
  • Powerful dual-core processor with integrated functions of programmable gate array
  • Compact dimensions



Compact universal control system TGMmini

  • point to point positioning
  • positioning to brand (indexing)
  • servomotors synchronization (electronic gearing)
  • electronic cam shaft
  • CNC interpolator
  • free programming


Servomotors with one integrated connector

  • saving the cost of cables and connectors
  • saving space for cable leads
  • easier and faster installation
  • rotary connector (almost 360°)
  • compatibility of connectors
  • possibility of one-side-mounted cable order and installation of connector by customer
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